Motorola Solutions Announces Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

Posted on Jun 14 2016 - 6:56am by Alex Curran

The world leading company Motorola solutions, announced body-worn camera Si500 video speaker microphone  features voice communication with video and still image capture.

Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

The Si500 very impressively gain the situational awareness, give assistance in the collection of information and evidence while on the field. The Si500 contain weight about 220 g with a standard battery (1950mAh) and 240 g with the high-capacity battery (2925mAh), featured with emergency button (optional  and programmable) and a built-in 0.5 watt speaker.

This great Si500 body-worn camera has a 32 GB of video internal memory with the 1080 pixels, 720 pixels and VGA recording resolutions, the camera feature diagonally 164O, Horizontally 128 O, and vertically 68 O optical performance and 0.5 Lux even in low light. The camera features 3.2-inch transflective display, which is protected with the Gorilla Glass 4 impact protection and Wet finger and light glove optimized.

The Si500 comes has a Dual Accelerometer and enabled with Vibration Notification and a Hall Effect Sensor with face-in and face-out carry out detection. The battery of the Si500 gives 10-hours (standard) and 18-hours (high-capacity) of sufficient battery time. The Si500 has an aggressive T-shape design with which it is easy to grip even with slippery and wet hands.

Additional Features

  • IP67 Rating
  • Adaptive windporting
  • MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G Ratings
  • Up to 20 Wi-Fi networks
  • Easy software Update
  • Adaptive speaker equalization
  • Five integrated microphones
  • Precise recording
  • Adaptive noise suppression
  • Realistic low-light performance
  • Prominent slider
  • Pre-buffering
  • A smart interface