Eagle Eyes: The 5 Most Important Uses of Surveillance Systems

Posted on Mar 7 2019 - 11:08am by admin

The presence of surveillance systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV)networks and other similar monitoring devices have become the norm in many workplaces and even public spaces. But aside from being an important tool for keeping a close watch on potential criminal activities, how do businesses and other organizations justify the often considerable financial investment entailed by installing such systems? After all, implementing them can carry significant costs, from their procurement and installation to their upkeep and maintenance. Some businesses, especially smaller ones, may even see it fit to rely on other, more cost-effective measures to protect their businesses from crime instead.

Surveillance Systems

The answer to this, of course, is yes. There is more to a surveillance system besides being a deterrent to criminal behavior. In fact, it could actually help businesses in many other areas, such as increasing employee productivity or keeping tabs on customer activity. In this article, we’ll fill you in on some of these other more obvious advantages.

Customer tracking and reassurance

Businesses with customer-facing establishments can use a surveillance system to check the amount of foot traffic coming in and out of their store. This can help restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses gauge customer interest and determine whether or nottheir efforts in driving more traffic into their locations are working. They can then adjust their business strategies as necessary.

Moreover, the simple presence of surveillance solutionscan be enough to make customers feel safer and more secure, as it reassures them that proper security measures are in place to prevent and deter anything untoward happening within the establishment. This will put them at ease and help them get into the buying mood.

Complete property surveillance

A surveillance system allows business and property owners to keep a close watch on their property and other assets at all times. Modern surveillance cameras help massively in this regard through their ability to swivel, pan, and zoom efficiently, thanks in no small measure to miniature motors that allowprecision camera motion. These mini motors enable surveillance cameras to completely survey an entire area, eliminating blind spots in the process.As such, business and property owners can easily and quickly monitor their property for any potential security issues, criminal activities such as theft and vandalism, and other dangers such as fires and other disasters.

Employee monitoring

A proper surveillance system can also encourage employees to be more honest and hardworking in their day-to-day tasks. Knowing that someone is watching pushes employees to be on their best behavior at all times, whether it’s about treating customers with respect, using workplace equipment properly, or ensuring that they don’t engage in theft and similar crimes. What’s more, it also discourages them from spending too much time on unneeded tasks, especially those that aren’t related to their work.

Workplace safety

Surveillance cameras can also help heavy machinery operators in construction, manufacturing, or logistics businesses to immediately check whether or not there are people lingering around the machines being operated, which could result in tragic workplace injuries or fatalities if the employees are not properly alerted and told to keep clear. Moreover, unsafe workplace habits or practices can also be caught by surveillance cameras, allowing training managers and supervisors to quickly address them before they lead to similar injuries or accidents. All of these help in creating safer workplaces.

Evidence collection

A surveillance system can also help law enforcement in pursuing individuals responsible for criminal behavior by recording video evidence of the act. This is especially important for businesses, as they are usually the target of common criminal activities such as theft, shoplifting, burglary, vandalism, and more. By capturing the crime as it happens, the identity of the culprits can be quickly established, allowing the police to facilitate their arrest and conviction.

Surveillance systems: more than just a crime deterrent

In today’s world where crime is commonplace and can happen at all times, even in broad daylight, surveillance systems can help deter such acts and keep businesses safe. Besides providing an added sense of security, however, surveillance systems can also provide other benefits such as employee monitoring, customer tracking, workplace safety monitoring, and more. Employing the right surveillance tools is truly a great way to make your business safer, healthier, more secure, and more productive.