Construction Sites and Security: What You Should Know

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 5:13pm by admin

Construction sites are a prime location for all sorts of bad things; vandalism, burglary, and even injury. If you own a construction site then you probably know this all too well. If you’re thinking of becoming the owner of a construction site, then you need to know the following things!

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Make Sure Your Fence is Sturdy

There are so many different fences on the market for construction sites, so make sure you do your research and find the right one for you. The best fence will secure the perimeter of your site and keep thieves out. Ordinary people shouldn’t be able to wander onto your site by mistake either.

Have Security Cameras Installed

Security cameras are coming on leaps and bounds as time goes on. You can now get cameras that integrate with your alarm system, so you can be alerted of anything shady going on, say Tag Systems. At the very least, you should have temporary cameras installed on temporary sites, or even dummy cameras to deter people from entering.

Take a Look at Your Security Plan

Make sure your security plan isn’t outdated. New technologies are being developed all the time, so take advantage of them and update yours if you can. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money and hassle this way, even if you have to spend more money on the business to begin with.

Manage Your Inventory Better

Effective inventory management takes a little time, but it’s really important. Take photos of your equipment and make a master list so that you have everything on paper. You can also create a sheet that allows employees to sign in and out with the equipment they have used.

Start Using Mirrors

Using mirrors around the site can not only help security, but it can stop your employees from injuring themselves too. You can expose blind spots this way and make it even more difficult for intruders to get in.

Only Let Authorised People on Site

Make sure you limit the amount of people you let on site. They should all be authorised personnel with documentation to prove they are who they say they are. Be vigilant with this to make sure nobody gets in when they’re not supposed to.

Keep it Well Lit

Lighting is essential on a construction site, so make sure you keep yours well lit. Access points and storage areas should be as well lit as possible. Motion sensor lighting can help to deter criminals when you’re not there. Look into your options to make sure you find the right solution!

Keeping a construction site as safe as possible is difficult, but it’s important if you want to protect yourself, your employees, your equipment, and the general public. You have no excuse not to do a great job of it with the technologies and software available today. Don’t cut corners or you’ll more than likely regret it later on down the line. Anything you’d like to add to this post? Leave a comment below.