Top Tech You Need For A YouTube Channel!

Posted on Jun 2 2016 - 3:32pm by admin

Over the past couple of years, YouTube has evolved from a casual platform to a fully-fledged content provider. It’s so big that it even rivals some of the biggest TV networks. At 4 billion views per day, there’s plenty to go around, which means starting your own channel is wise.

Tech for YouTube Channel

But you can’t just prop your iPhone up on a desk and get to work. It requires hard work, dedication and most importantly – tech. The best tech you can possibly get. Production value is the biggest factor that will help you stand out in a crowded market. Get it right, and the views will come rolling in.

So, take the time to build a brand, come up with a name and design a logo. Now, turn your attention to your equipment, and everything you’ll need for a top YouTube channel…


A capture card

If you’re going to get big on YouTube, you can’t just have a camera pointed at your face. You need to infuse your videos with footage from other sources, like games and movies. That’s where a capture card comes in, allowing you to capture footage from a TV.

The undisputed king of capture cards is Elgato, and their Game Capture HD 60. It’s actually quite affordable, and can capture footage in 1080p at 60fps. This is perfect for getting the sharpest possible image, so don’t settle for anything less.


A quality camera

The quality of your video will probably be the deciding factor in whether people switch off or not. If it looks great, people will connect with you more. If it’s grainy and out of focus, it’ll be an instant turnoff. So, make sure you choose wisely when picking a camera!

DSLR’s are generally a good choice, so look in this area. Make sure the camera can record in HD, and can connect to your PC to transfer footage. I wouldn’t recommend a webcam, as they tend to be of a lower quality.

All in all, just make sure you shop around – don’t jump at the first deal you find. There are plenty of places to get quality cameras for a cheaper price. You could browse used broadcast equipment to find a deal, or even ask a friend if you can buy their spare.


A great microphone

Audio is just as important as video, so it has to be clear. Before you start to look at microphones, buy a pop filter. This will take the edge off those plosive ‘P’ and ‘B’ sounds, improving the quality of your sound.

In terms of microphones, you have many choices. Blue Microphones are generally a safe choice, offering budget and expensive options. The best here is the Blue Yeti, which comes with a neat swivel stand and audio controls on the mic itself.


A fast PC

And last, but certainly not least, it’s your PC. This will be your bread and butter, the place where all the magic happens. You need it to be fast, and capable of processing HD video. If you get a good one, you can also play the best PC games, perfect for making commentary videos.

If you can afford it, look for 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated graphics card. 8GB or 12GB of RAM would suffice, but that processor is the most important bit. Good choices here include the Alienware X51 or the Zoostorm 7877-0425.