Samsung’s New 256GB MicroSD Card Uses V-NAND Technology

Posted on May 30 2016 - 7:08pm by Tom Kenny

Samsung has revealed the EVO Plus 256 gigabyte microSD card. This is the highest capacity memory card of its class, delivering fast speeds and an additional memory storage for use in premium smartphones and tablets, 360-degree video recorders, action cameras, and drones.

samsung EVO plus 256GB card

Smartphone owners looking for as much expandable storage as possible have probably considered or even purchased the amazingly affordable 200 gigabyte microSD card from SanDisk. But Samsung just came out with a microSD card that is able to deliver even more storage for your Galaxy S7 or any other smartphone that supports expandable memory: a 256 gigabyte EVO Plus card that offers the highest capacity in its class.

At 256 gigabytes, Samsung’s new EVO Plus card has enough memory for 12 hours of 4K video (The Lord of the Rings is only 11.5 hours), 33 hours of full High Definition recording, 55,200 photos or 23,500 MP3s.

The EVO Plus 256 gigabytes raises the bar for performance and capacity of microSD cards thanks to Samsung’s advanced V-NAND technology, offering high read and write speeds of up to 95 megabyte/s and 90 megabyte/s, respectively. This level of performance will offers general consumers and professionals with superb user convenience for storing heavy-loaded, high-resolution photography and 4K video recording, as well as graphic thorough multimedia like virtual reality (VR) and gaming.

Samsung will be offering the EVO Plus starting in June to over fifty countries, and will offer a ten year warranty. That doesn’t really matter, though, because at this rate you will upgrade before you even have a chance to file a warranty claim.