Recommended reading before launching your tech start-up business

Posted on Oct 4 2018 - 5:20pm by admin

How do you get an edge on all the other tech start-ups out there? This is the burning question every tech start-up needs to ask themselves as they enter a race that’s already high-paced! Staying ahead revolved around innovation. And innovation comes from a combination of foresight and hindsight. Predict where the industry is going based on where the industry has been. Easier said than done, but there are things you can do to educate yourself.

reading before launching your tech start-up business

Books are a fantastic resource and offer a plethora of information. Take a look below for our pick of the best books for your start-up tech business.

How Google Works

With this book, explore the inside story of Google, thanks to executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, and pick up tips on everything from branding to workplace culture. Renowned for its innovation, creativity, and ability to bounce back from errors (remember Wave?), this glimpse into the birth and evolution of Google is a must for anyone who wishes to emulate even a part of its success.

The Industries of the Future

Grab an insight into the world of innovation in the tech sector with this amazing resource. A New York Times bestseller, Ross delivers an extensive insight into your industry’s most important advances, from cybersecurity and robotics to genomics and big data, using input from global leaders.

Read the workings and experiences of a former senior advisor for innovation. His extensive travel has given him access to the some of the most powerful people in business, and his book is packed with astute observations regarding opportunities for growth and the unknown tech forces that are changing — or will change — the world.

The Lean Start-Up

With the notion that one of the biggest difficulties is getting started, Eric Ries has written this book with that in mind. This book looks at how new companies can launch, adapt and grow within an industry that has fierce competition. Offering real examples of setting up a new business, you get a great insight into how to make a success of your business and avoid the typical pitfalls. This book is essential to anyone who wants to remain innovative as their company picks up momentum.

The Upstarts

The Upstarts offers a very practical approach with a number of examples from real business success stories. The best thing about this book is the incredibly detailed account of two global companies: Uber and Airbnb. Reading this book, you find out how these giants began and developed to become two of the most respected and innovative brands in the world.

Want to follow a similar path as Airbnb and Uber and be a huge success? This fascinating read will show you how you can also change standards — such as how people travel and what they expect from accommodation — to mirror these companies’ almost renegade attitude towards the established rules of business. What can your business do to change the world?

Get started on digesting this reading list and begin steering your start-up business towards success!

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