Native Union Smart Hub, another more powerful 4-port USB wall charger

Posted on Jan 23 2018 - 12:29pm by Tom Kenny

Everyone already knows having charging cables strewn around the floor isn’t just ugly, but unsafe too. but many existing answers to the hassle — multi-port charging stations, cable tidies that replace some skinny leads with one huge one — aren’t exactly best, or specially appealing. Native Union, a company that knows plenty about making everyday tech add-ons better looking, has come up with a USB charging smart hub that is extra life-style than no-style.

Native Union Smart Hub Design

The Smart Hub is a realistic and versatile USB wall charger that measures 7.8 x 2.4 x 4.3 inches and weighs 9.1 oz.. As we are able to see from the pix, the USB charger shows off a minimum and fashionable appearance layout, and the cloth end offers stronger beauty. Meanwhile, the compact shape factor permits you to without difficulty save it for your bag for a journey.

Native Union Smart Hub

Native Union Smart Hub Features

The 4-port USB wall charger comes geared up with three USB-A ports and one USB-C port, and the four ports have 5.4A modern output, as much as 3A consistent with port. The usage of smart IC technology the charger automatically detects your gadgets and always charge them at maximum pace. Moreover, the USB charger functions AC stores that permit to energy your gadgets or connect to USB adapters for charging more gadgets. Further, the use of over-cutting-edge, over-voltage and quick circuit protection, the smart Hub gives entire safety for you and your devices.

Native Union Smart Hub Price

The smart Hub is already proving to be pretty famous on Kickstarter, as it reached its $50,000 goal in the first couple of hours after launch. For individuals who don’t mind waiting until April 2017 for transport, early birds can snatch for $49 while everyone else will ought to pay $50 — which remains a good buy considering that it’s going to retail for $80 next year. In case you are involved, jump to Amazon for its more information.