MSI New Radeon RX 470 GAMING X 8G And 4G Cards With The Twin Frozr

Posted on Sep 20 2016 - 10:24pm by Tom Kenny

MSI has revealed the Radeon RX 470 GAMING X 8G and 4G cards complete with the TWIN FROZR VI thermal design. The latest version of the cooling sys allows for higher core clock and memory speeds for optimal performance in gaming at 1080p and in VR. The cards employ a custom 6-phase design, an 8-pin power connector, and the usual MSI Military Class 4 components.

The new cards pack the TwinFrozr VI coolers, which have dense aluminum fin stacks with heatpipes up to 8 mm thick and a pair of Torx 2.0 fans that do not spin when the GPU is operating below 60 °C. Additionally, all of the models come with RGB lighting.
The Radeon RX 470 graphics card will be made available in 4 and 8GB versions, the 4GB model will be the predominant standard though as it will be the most price effective solution. The GPU used for the 470 lineup is a familiar one, the Polaris 10 (Pro), an Ellesmere (codename) GPU based on 4th generation GCN architecture. The 14 nm FinFET+ process based new Radeon RX 470 will push the product to 4.9 TFLOPS. With its 120W TDP it also has 32 CUs (compute units aka shader clusters) x 64 shader processors per CU = 2048 shader processors. The card has 256-bit GDDR5 memory that offers an effective 6.6 Gbps / GHz memory bandwith.

The new card is fitted with 8 GB of graphics memory and it has been factory tweaked for you at a 1242 MHz Boost clock with the memory at an effective 6600 MHz. Being an X version it has been fitted with the awesome TwinFrozr VI cooler that once again proves its effectiveness as this is the most silent Radeon RX 470 to date. The product is completely silent even under full load stress. The card has 6 power phases for the GPU +1 for memory and is tied towards a proper 8-pin power connector. The card is a dual-fan solution, dual-slot and for something mainstream certainly looks high-end.