How To Get A Job In Cloud Computing

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 6:05pm by admin

When searching for a path into the world of cloud computing, it is important to have a fully rounded technical background, as well as have the relevant business skills. The time to get involved in cloud computing has never in the past been as exciting as it is today. A recent survey carried out by “Rightscale” gained the opinions of 1,060 cloud computing professionals. The results found that cloud based security was no longer the major issue, but that today it’s rather the lack of resources and necessary skills that presents the number one challenge (as voiced by 32% of those answering the survey) being faced by those in the industry.

Cloud SecurityBelow we explore some top tips and skills that you will need to successfully enter the cloud computing industry.

Cloud environment

Firstly it is important to clarify what the term cloud actually means, as it has different meanings. Many believe that it refers to anything that is online, from SAAS (Software as a Service), through to IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). In truth, many companies have to manage a variety of cloud based operations from the private, public and hybrid sectors. Due to the nature of cloud-based systems and the fact that they operate on many different levels and platforms, one highly sought after skill is that of workflow analysis. When seeking a cloud based job, applicants are at a greater advantage if they understand why cloud application and integration is so important, and how they can best use integration tools.


Even if you are an experienced IT consultant, you will need to acquire new skills when entering the world of cloud computing. In particular, gaining experience with the likes of Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services (AWS) will give you a head start and will help you perfect the skills that you already have. Both Amazon and Google are good options, as in previous years they have seen a large growth in the availability of cloud based job opportunities. IBM, Verizon, HP, and Rackspace also have a large demand and are worth checking out. Cloud only environments also rely heavily upon automation software and this is another skill that you should acquire, as employers will very soon be seeking potential employees who know their way round these new cloud based systems.


Getting the relevant training and accreditation has always been vital when working within the IT world. The same is also true for work within the cloud-computing world. Individuals are now able to participate in AWS training (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft trading programmes. Many external companies, like CloudAcademy, also provide training for AWS among other cloud platforms, issuing accredited certificates at the end of the course. However, what is very important to remember is that certification alone is not a gateway to the perfect job. They are there to complement the skills that you already have.