Five Excellent Tips For Getting More YouTube Views

Posted on Sep 1 2016 - 10:57am by admin

Since its conception in 2005, YouTube has become one of the fastest growing websites in the world.’s Top 500 shows that YouTube is now the second most popular site in the world, only being beaten out by Google. YouTube is the first place people go to to see videos on any given topic.

YouTube Views

Whether you want to make videos about your passion, promote your business, or just have fun, YouTube can help your videos be seen all over the world. However, getting views can be hard work. To consistently get a lot of views on your video, you’ll need a build a loyal following of viewers. Here’s how you can do it.

Make High-Quality Videos

If you’re planning to go big on YouTube, it’s worth investing a little. Many viewers demand HD videos in 2016, and low-quality videos will often get ignored. Look into getting some excellent tech for YouTube. Things like an HD camera, a clear microphone, and good video editing will instantly make your videos more appealing.

Go Viral

One of the quickest ways to gain a YouTube following is to have a video go viral. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely what makes a video go viral- many of the most famous viral videos seemed to gain steam at random. However, certain things can help.

Some people use services such as to get more views. Having a higher view count will make your video appear higher on searches and could even get you to YouTube’s Trending section. This will make your video more visible and result in even more people watching.

A lot of viral videos have titles which catch viewer’s attention. You should also make good use of tags to describe your video.

Use Social Media

Making use of other social media channels is a smart way to bring more attention to your YouTube channel. While YouTube is ideal for hosting videos, you may also want to use to interact with followers. You can cross-promote your YouTube videos on Twitter, and vice-versa.

Many people share content through sites like Twitter and Facebook. Share videos yourself to get them seen by more people, and also encourage your viewers to share videos if they liked them.

Add Annotations

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and noticed little notes popping up, encouraging you to watch other videos or subscribe? This is part of YouTube’s ‘Annotations’ feature. It allows you to add links to your videos. This is a good place to post links to your other videos and your subscription link. Alternatively, you could also put these links in your video description. If you have one video with a lot of views, you can transfer some to your other videos by making use of this feature.

Communicate And Collaborate

YouTube isn’t just for posting videos. There are also a lot of community features. A good way to gain more viewers is to comment on other videos covering topics similar to yours. You could also create video responses to popular videos.

Some YouTubers even contact other users to collaborate on videos. This can help boost both of your followings. Be sure to get involved in the YouTube community and interact with your viewers and peers positively.