EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard easily recover your lost data on your Memory card

Posted on Sep 27 2018 - 6:49pm by Tom Kenny

In case you’ve lost images on your memory card, there is a good chance EaseUS Data Recovery Software will let you get it back – although the card has been corrupted or reformatted. Of direction, there are numerous variables involved in memory card recovery on Mac OS X and sometimes a image can be lost for good.

The good news is that EaseUS Data Recovery Software allows you to scan your memory card or SD card and preview the recovered files without spending a dime. This free data recovery software can get better as much as 2GB documents. In case you want to recover more, please purchase a license code to up the Pro version.


Things To Remember

Photo recovery from memory cards: the minute you realize you have lost data on your memory card, stop using your device. For example, if you realize you have lost a photo on your camera’s MicroSD card, take the card out of the camera immediately. The less you use the card, the higher the chance to recover files from memory card. Most cameras don’t delete photos completely from your camera memory card upon deletion or formatting. In many cases, your photos remain on the SD card until they are overwritten. However, if you keep using your camera and continue to save new photos to the card, it is possible you may overwrite your old data, making it unrecoverable.

Connect Your Card-Reader or Device

Your SD card or MicroSD card needs to be connected to your computer before you can start the memory card recovery. Once it is mounted, launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, find your SD card in the list and select it.


Scan Your SD Card

If you are new to SD and memory card recovery, your next step should be to click the “Recover” button next to the card name. This will automatically go through each of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s sophisticated scanning methods one after the other. If you’re an expert user, then you can click the drop-down arrow on the Recover button and choose the exact scanning method you wish to use.

SD Card Recovery: Last Step!

Once the scan is finished, you will be shown a list of files EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has located.

Select a file and click the “eye” icon to preview it. Previewing each file is the only way to ensure they are not corrupted! Be sure to watch movies all the way through. When you are done previewing, check the box next to the items you need recovered from your SD card, click the Recover button.