DiskStation 216Play By Synology: Transcodes 4K Video In Real Time

Posted on Dec 20 2015 - 7:33am by Tom Kenny

The DS216play is a system stockpiling gadget went for home clients. Synology didn’t discharge a two-cove “play” display a year ago, so this can be viewed as the successor to the DS214play. The feature highlight is 4K transcoding, however beside this and lower force utilization there’s very little to entice anybody to redesign.

Synology DiskStation 216Play

A NAS doesn’t need to be gorgeous, however given that the DiskStation 216play is gone for home diversion nerds, it’s a disgrace Synology hasn’t endeavored with the outline. The matt plastic is harmless, however it’s no object of yearning. In the event that anything the container feels feeble and even shabby contrasted with different DiskStations.

There’s no removable front board, no brisk discharge drive inlets. There isn’t even a USB port or SD opening on the front, so there’s no simple replicating of photograph from your camera, or recordings from a USB stick.

Not at all like certain other excitement situated NASs, there’s no HDMI yield for direct association with your TV, nor any sound yields. Basically, this is a crate intended to be introduced far away and utilized only over the system. At the back is a couple of USBs, one and only of which is USB 3. You won’t discover E-SATA or whatever else.

Past that is there’s the normal Gigabit Ethernet. Setup is a breeze, particularly contrasted with more seasoned DiskStations. While we’ve groaned about the absence of slide-out circle plate, it takes just two or 3 minutes to introduce every circle, then two little screws hold the slide on side spread set up. You then unite the force supply and the system link to your switch.

Its capacities are to some degree constrained however. To begin with, you have to go into DSM and empower 4K transcoding as it’s not on of course. It requires committing an additional bank of RAM, which is the reason it’s killed.

What’s exceptional is backing for 4K transcoding. That implies 4K films can be transcoded continuously to 1080p or lower to be viewed on your TV or cell phone. Whether you need to do that due to restricted system data transmission or the abilities or execution of your gadget, it makes a difference not the DiskStation 216play can do it.

Synology claims a read pace of 108MB/sec for extensive documents with a comparative setup and we saw about 100MB/sec. For compose speed, we were hoping to match Synology’s figure of 91.5MB/sec, and practically did at a little more than 88MB/sec. It helps to store your data like common HDDs in your computers; lots of HDDs and SSDs were released and will be released like the latest SSD FORESEE 240GB S500.

When you duplicate a heap of little documents, execution drops extensively, as you’d anticipate. In accordance with Synology’s figures, replicating a 20GB wicker bin of photographs from 1-3MB, we saw a read rate of 51MB/sec and a compose pace of 26MB/sec.

It creates well on the off chance that you require DiskStation 216Play to transcode, it can transcde heaps of 4K substance on the fly. Its execution is great.