Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L, A True Ambidextrous Mouse

Posted on Oct 22 2016 - 8:00pm by Tom Kenny

Cooler Master announced the impending launch of the MasterMouse Pro L, which it claims was ‘made with customisation in mind. The new Cooler Master ‘MasterMouse Pro L’, a true ambidextrous mouse with modular covers for the body and side grips, allowing user to make physical the changes to the mouse to better suit them. Pair that with RGB lighting and a 12,000 DPI sensor.

This new refreshingly simple design comes with a pair of top covers that have different heights for palm and claw grippers. It includes two pairs of side covers—one with a smooth finish, the other with a rougher texture—so that the gamers can get the feel they want under their fingers. If you are one of those “makers” that seem to be getting more and more common on these days, Cooler Master also provides 3D schematics of those side panels so that the truly particular can make a pair of grips that is suited to their unique physiology.


MasterMouse Pro L

This mouse has three RGB illumination zones with 16.7 million color options. These lights are not just for show either. You can set them to identify saved profiles you have created for specific situations.

The ambidextrous Pro L has two side buttons on its left and right sides, as well as DPI button on its base for on-the-fly switching. Assign the “Storm Tactix” button function to one of the mouse’s programmable clickers, and it also opens up another layer of button functions while it is pressed. If the base-mounted DPI button is inconvenient, the tweakers can re-assign that function to another button, as well.

Features and Specifications Of MasterMouse Pro L:

  • Avago PMW-3360 IR Optical Sensor.
  • RGB Lighting.
  • Up to 12,000 DPI.
  • 512KB on-board memory.
  • Matte UV Coating.
  • Switches rated for 20 million clicks.
  • Weight: 104g.