Building An E-Commerce Site? You Need These Tech Essentials!

Posted on Oct 30 2015 - 12:58pm by admin

It’s a well-known fact that the e-commerce industry is worth big bucks. Nowadays, you can buy almost anything you want online – even junk food!


Most companies sell online because it means they have a wider-reaching audience. Also, it’s much cheaper to set up a virtual storefront than a bricks and mortar one. Are you planning on starting up your own site to sell your wares online?

If the answer is yes, there are some tech essentials you’ll need first. Here is what you should get before you start:

Apple iMac

Before you say anything, I’d like to point out that I use both PCs and Macs on a daily basis. I also use Linux operating systems too, not just Windows and OS X.

There is no denying that Apple iMac systems are designer items. But, they also offer good functionality too! In fact, all Apple computers I’ve used so far outlast their PC counterparts. Even if I’ve built them myself!

Apple are sticklers for only using the best components in their computer systems. Their operating system is also intuitive and seldom throws up errors or crashes.

You will be spending a lot of time managing and updating your site. As a result, you need a computer system that is dependable and fast. That’s why I recommend you buy an Apple iMac.

The most cost-effective model is the 21-inch one, just in case you’re wondering. You don’t need the bigger 27-inch one for the purposes of e-commerce management.

VoIP headset

You might be asking yourself why you would need one of these, especially if you’ve got a landline? There are many important reasons to get a VoIP headset.

First of all, you are using the Internet to make and receive calls. In general, making VoIP calls is cheaper than the landline alternative. And if you run your business from home, you won’t need to give out your home number to people.

Second, it’s useful when sorting out any queries or issues on your site. There will be times where you need help from a Magento developer to fix bugs or add custom functionality. Sure, you could email them. But, it’s sometimes quicker and easier to just talk things through on the phone. The beauty of using a headset means you can talk hands-free.

Third, using a VoIP headset allows you to be more productive. That means you can multitask with ease!

High-speed Internet

Do you have a lame broadband connection? In fact, is your mobile’s 4G connection faster than it? If so, it’s time to upgrade! You will be fulfilling orders and updating your site each day. It’s important you have a fast and stable Internet connection at your disposal.

If it’s available in your area, I recommend you go for a fiber broadband connection. If you can’t, find out when it will be available and use the next fastest Internet connection in your area.

So, before you go out and start building your e-commerce site, make sure your tech is up to scratch!