BIOSTAR Racing Motherboard Comes With The Exclusive 5050 LED FUN Feature For DIY Lovers

Posted on Oct 4 2016 - 7:44pm by Tom Kenny

Biostar recently revealed their flagship of the RACING series: RACING Z170GT7 motherboard. The board features everything that a Z170 PCH board should along with a few added extras that we’ll discuss later on. But one thing that makes this motherboard stand out of the crowd is its RGB LED.

The Biostar Racing Z170GT7 can be had on sale for less than $140. For that $140, you get a fully sized ATX board with the no color scheme. The Racing Z170GT7 is a black board with just a checkered flag silk-screened over the board, and some white strips across the MOSFET coolers, and a white “R” logo breaking a silver streak across the PCH. It also has a black I/O cover over its rear port towers and no support for SLI (CFX only), with 4 DIMM slots and cooling strips on the back of the board to help with heat management around the socket. There’s a POST code display, an LN2 switch, and built-in touch-sensitive buttons, and when you plug it in and power it up, it has a surprise in the store for you, although that surprise is hinted at by its included accessories.


Other Features Of Biostar Racing Z170GT7 Are:

  • Support for 6th Gen Intel Core Processors, enables overclocking on Unlocked Intel Core Processors
  • BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Technology inside
  • Support PCIe M.2(32Gb/s)
  • Intel Z170 single chip architecture
  • Support Four-DIMM DDR4-3200(OC)/ 2133/ 1866 up to 64G maximum capacity
  • Support USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Support SATA Express(16Gb/s)
  • Support HDMI true 4K resolution.

The BIOSTAR Z170GT7 has many high-end features such as 1Gbit Intel NIC, and support for up to 3-way CrossFireX. The motherboard doesn’t support SLI.

The BIOSTAR Z170GT7 is available from many large retailers for roughly $130.