Biostar Launched New Gaming G300 Series Of SSD

Posted on Sep 12 2016 - 10:59pm by Tom Kenny

BIOSTAR has comes out with the new G300 series of solid state drives that claim to deliver high performance at affordable prices. The SATA storage solution is provided in 120, 240 and 480 gigabyte models initially and utilizes a Silicon Motion SMI2256 controller with TLC NAND. The 120 gigabyte model has 128 megabyte of DDR3 DRAM cache and it doubles for each of other larger capacities offered. Each Gaming G300 SSD is also 6.8mm thick to comply with the latest 7mm height SSD storage requirements for slim form factors.

According to the company, the G300 series SSDs have been designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of the gamers. The drives integrate high-speed DDR3 cache for ‘extremely rapid access’. The drives are quite impressive on the design front, with a unibody design and a completely screwless build that will give your system a clean appearance.

Biostar also touts rounded corners. You know, so your clumsy hands do not accidentally scrape the SSD during installation and scratch up that pristine exterior.


Beyond the dubious value of rounded corners, Biostar also promotes a couple of interesting tidbits, those being a six-layer coated PCB that supposedly lasts longer than conventional SSDs and 4 power management chips. That latter bit is a first for SSDs, Biostar says, which adds to the drive’s longevity and durability.

In keeping with Biostar’s approach, the Gaming G300 series SSDs will be very affordable so it can compete with the other TLC drives in the market; starting at only $44 USD for the 120 gigabyte version and offering the 480 gigabyte version for only $140USD. Adding to the value further, Biostar claims that storage offering is unique compared to their competitors because it uses four power management ICs from Texas Instruments, extending lifetime and durability as compared to the current TLC drive offerings. Biostar also names their approach to making the product the ‘U.F.O. Design’ concept which stands for Unique Design, Flexibility and Optimized performance.