Antec S10 EATX Premium Case: Brilliant Master Piece

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 11:37am by Alex Curran

Another case structure component developed route in 2008 when Foxconn declared a 14.4″ tall motherboard outline that it never really created. A few case makers jumped on board the “Ultra ATX” temporary fad with 10-space models, and those same cases later turned into an awesome spot to put 13.6″ by 10.6″ XL-ATX sheets. Whatever remains of that story rapidly got to be history as motherboard producers attempted at the end of the day to contract the limits of their sheets to something that looked like ATX, and in the long run joined the 12″ tallness of standard ATX with the 10.6″ profundity of XL-ATX.

Antec S10 EATX Premium Case

Some of these sheets had a representation space in the base, so case makers reacted with 8-opening cases supporting barricades to around 11″ profound. And after that, generally, they ceased. Devotees still need more extension spaces than indicated by EATX, and Antec is the third organization in our audit arrangement to join the greater part of the most extreme measurements required for the full scope of fan class buyer equipment.

Notwithstanding supporting motherboards up to 13.5″ profound, Antec’s S10 has ten ISA spaces. That is my brazen update that despite the fact that Antec calls these PCI-Express openings, any gadget that fits in with the legacy ISA section standard will fit.

The huge crevice that isolates forward and back side board segments serves as an admission vent for the S10’s trio of 120mm front board fans, which are served by a slide-out air channel and can be moved upward to make space for the lower tank of a 3x 120mm radiator.

The most extreme bolstered absolute radiator length is around 16″, possibly a portion all the more relying upon the state of the top tank. The S10’s energy supply area contains a second confine ready to hold five extra 2.5″ drives, and the plate isolating upper and lower areas has both a wide opening for force supply links and a little one to facilitate the getting a handle on of drives.

The S10 EATX Premium Case control supply sound components both a haul out channel and froth vibration hosing. Lower pivots are additionally appeared, into which get tabs of the side boards lock in. Just like Xotic Exodus, S10 has same style of chassiss.

S10 EATX Premium Case top board fans are connected to a drop-down plate with screws on the left edge and get tabs on the privilege. This board bolsters both 140mm (included) and 120mm fans, and has enough space over the motherboard to include a 1.2″; thick radiator.

Links incorporate two USB 3.0 double port attachments, HD Audio with the chaotic AC-97 connector lead, a force LED that is part to permit establishment on both standard (2-pin) and Asus (3-pin) separating, HDD action LED, and control catch plug.

Likewise included yet as of now introduced on the back of the S10’s motherboard plate is Antec’s ten-fan power connector. Lamentably, while everything went into the S10 EATX Premium Case neatly, the minor brushing of links against the right side board kept it from holding shut.

That is on the grounds that the case utilizes a feeble attractive strip, as opposed to solid magnets or hooks, to stop its entryways. Two pieces of channel tape gave a speedy fix, yet developers who can’t endure such grotesqueness will be compelled to defeat in any event some of their energy links through, instead of around, the motherboard pit.

Offering brilliant execution and a decent format, Antec’s S10 is apparently favor enough to legitimize its high cost. Tragically, little outline issues keep it from turning into our definitive decision.