5 Ways To Use Tech For Better Business Management

Posted on Jun 5 2016 - 8:35am by admin

Today’s technology allows us to do many spectacular things. We can visit the moon, swim at the bottom of the ocean, and look at the stars from the comfort of a backyard.


Technology also allows us to more efficiently run and manage a business. It can improve your image, and improve the morale of your staff. Just as the keyboard is mightier than the pen, there are several options for you that will help take your company to the next level. Here are 5 of the best!

  • Keep an eye on your office – even when you aren’t there

It’s hard, going on holiday. Scratch that, it’s awesome, but it’s hard to leave our belongings and properties behind. Your office also falls under this banner, and if you need to travel, you leave it at risk of thefts and break-ins.

But, luckily, there are solutions. One of the best is to install wireless CCTV cameras to the outside and inside of your building. This allows you to watch the footage from anywhere in the world, so you can notify the authorities if you see anything suspicious.

  • Your staff can manage themselves

Micro-managing a team of employees can get overly time-consuming and difficult. Organizing everything from desk assignment to who does which job can become frustrating in time. Removing some of this work from your own shoulders, and handing it to your staff, has several benefits. But what’s the best way to do it?

As you probably guessed, tech and software are here to save the day! Rather than sorting space and equipment use yourself, resource scheduling software lets your staff do it. This makes your staff feel more independent and offers them a more flexible work environment. In turn, this will make them feel like an integral part of your business, rather than just a piece to be pushed around.

  • Unite your office’s communications system

If you don’t have an integrated communications system, you will have several problems. Firstly, it’ll be a nightmare to have a direct conversation with someone if you have to physically walk to find them. Secondly, you’ll waste time, unable to deliver that urgent message as fast as it needs to be delivered.

Implementing a VoIP phone system allows the whole of your office to connect using phones. These phones will be hosted on a cloud-based network, meaning they’ll never drop signal or lose contact. Because you’re using the internet for calls, the phone line won’t be slowed down by other callers on that same line.

  • Better customer service

The ways we can use tech for customer service are multi-faceted, and many. You can setup automated replies to emails and messages you receive on social media. You’ll be responding to customer queries, with none of the work. You can build a live online chat, to answer questions in real-time. You can even implement that VoIP system into a call centre, ensuring that customers only receive the best call quality.

  • Protect and store your data

A cloud-based storage solution allows you to place all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Rather than keeping data on hard drives and disks – which can be easily lost – cloud storage is safe. It’s also unlimited, and upgradeable, unlike physical solutions. Once you’ve reached hard drive capacity, you can’t go any higher! You can, however, upgrade a cloud server.