What is Lifeline Low Income Phone Service?

Posted on Apr 4 2022 - 9:50am by admin

Lifeline is a program initiated by the federal department to provide different and reasonably priced, important phone services to low-income earners and households. Literally, many people consider it a true-life server, especially unemployed people, low-income earners, homeless people, and even physically challenged people. Also, it offers low-income older people and victims of domestic violence. The lifeline phone program Oklahoma-based is set to allow people with a low income to connect directly with such services as schools, employers, emergency response services, fire stations, and any social services.

What Benefits Are Accrued from The Program?

Below are the benefits of using the lifeline phone program:

Low-income earners get affordable and discounted phone services

It helps them access essential services at any time, especially in instances of emergency at very lower charges than normal. This program was brought to life in 1985 and includes a wireless service that began in 2005. Currently, Lifeline offers discounted voice services. 

It Improves the Network

With the use of the lifeline program, communication networks have increased in value because many people have been connected while their accessibility has improved. People are now used to instantaneous connectivity with the availability of smartphones. Broadband connectivity through the use of different devices has also become a societal norm. This has altered the expectations of employers being able to access their employees whenever they want or fellow employees. Overall, the lifeline plays a key role in ensuring that low-income households access essential basic services. 

How the Program Works

The program offers its services at a monthly discount of up to $9.25 for any eligible subscriber of low income and about $34.5 for a whole month for anyone living within the tribal lands. The discount comes to be on any service, whether it’s wireless or wireline, but not on both simultaneously. You also get a broadband internet service as well as a broadband voice bundle. However, you can never get more than two of the program services in the same household.