Redmi Note 2 By Xiaomi: Impressive Smartphone

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 9:42am by Tom Kenny

The brand new and incredible phone known as “The Apple Of The East”, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 continues the company’s trend of offering impressive specs at surprisingly low prices. Boasting a 5.5 inch full HD screen, 64-bit Octa core processor and a 13 MP camera provided by Samsung. The Redmi Note 2 gives the best Android phones out there a serious run for their money


The color reproduction and contrast are all excellent, and while the display is not as bright and punchy as the AMOLED panels you find on the likes of Samsung’s handsets and it is noticeably harder to view in direct sunlight. It is still impressive, particularly on a phone which costs so little.

Characteristics & Softwares

Connectivity of 4G is included something that was missing from some versions of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi4 and the roomy 3060mAh battery is removable, which will be a massive selling point to those of you who have grown tired of the current trend for sealed units and non-serviceable power cells.

It is a shame that the Redmi Note 2 will not be along for the ride, but to many buyers it will not be a major negative. Quick Charging 2.0 something that was rumored prior to launch but never confirmed by Xiaomi is also missing.

A lot of optimization is going on under the hood, and Xiaomi issues beta updates to the core OS on a weekly basis to ensure a constant drip-feed of bug fixes and new characteristics. Potential problems get fixed faster than they would with other handset makers with the obvious drawback being that issues can be unknowingly introduced as well.

The functionality mode puts the Redmi Note 2 into overdrive and will naturally soak up juice at a quicker rate, but to be honest the balanced mode delivers an entirely acceptable experience. A single charge will get you all the way through a day if you choose to use the balanced power setting.

The Redmi Note 2’s Li-Po 3060 mAh is removable, which will be a big plus point for those users who like carrying a spare power cell with them to ensure they never end up without a working phone.

It also means that if you decide to keep the device for many years, you do not have to worry about diminishing battery capacity.

Final Decision

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is an incredible phone with quick charging and great batterly life.