How to Pick Cell Phone Repair Tools

Posted on Jan 22 2021 - 4:17am by admin

When selecting cell phone repair tools and equipment, it is necessary to pick the best tools, even if they cost a little more. Cheap tools and materials can not be useful or satisfying when fixing a mobile phone.

On the other hand, low-cost but high-quality tools and equipment will help you repair your mobile phone quickly and comfortably, particularly for iTech iPhone & Mac Repair.

You must always pick and purchase the best tools available on the market or online. These high-quality tools can cost a little more, but in the long run, you’ll be able to buy the right tools.

There are scores of cell phone repair equipment available on the market. It’s vital to choose the best brand. Here are five of the professional tools and equipment required to fix cell phones:

Iron Soldering

The soldering iron is used for soldering small components such as a capacitor, resistor, diode, and a long list of other parts and tools. A 50-watt soldering iron is strong enough for most cell phone repair work.

When you purchase a soldering iron, pick the one that is easy to handle and does not burn your hand. The soldering iron must have the choice of choosing and selecting various styles and shapes of soldering tips or parts. 

These tips or pieces have to be replaceable. It must also be ESD-Safe (Antistatic) since most of the electronic components in a cell phone are very sensitive and can be damaged due to static charge or static electricity. 

Goot and Weller are two world-renowned brands that produce, distribute and export world-class soldering irons and other soldering tools and equipment for use for electronics repair.

Soldering Station

The soldering station has two units – the station and the iron. It has the option of controlling the temperature depending on the heat requirement of the soldering operation being carried out. 

The soldering iron is connected to the soldering station. It’s stronger and more comfortable than the conventional soldering iron. It makes the work of soldering a lot easier and quicker. 

When purchasing a cell phone soldering station, one must always pick an ESD-Safe (Antistatic), model. Goot, Weller, and Soldron are some of the world’s best and trusted brands that make, sell, and export world-class soldering irons and other soldering tools and equipment.

PCB Stand

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) holder or PCB stand is used to hold various PCB forms of a cell phone while it is soldering or repairing. 

It keeps the PCB very tightly and does not allow it to move, thus helping to fix the PCB. Again, it is necessary and prudent to choose a good quality PCB holder rather than a cheaper one.

Soldering Wire

Solder wire is used to weld electronic components, ICs, or jumpers. The composition of the larger number of solder wire is Tin/Lead with a proportion of 60:40 or 63:37. 

After the introduction of RoHS (Restriction of Dangerous Substances) from electronics, more and more businesses have been using lead-free solder. 

Lead-free solder wire is available in many formulations and is available in various diameters such as 0.2mm upwards. 

For cell phone repairs, half a millimeter welding wire is ideally suited. Alpha Cookson is a world-renowned manufacturer and retailer of solder wire and other soldering products.


Multimeters can be analog or digital. In cell phone repairs, a wireless multimeter is often used to detect faults, analyze tracks and parts. Please purchase a reliable ESD-Safe Digital Multimeter of good quality for mobile repair work.

Overall, when purchasing tools for the repair of Apple devices, only the best is good enough. A good phone repair store will have only quality equipment.