Google Play Music & TripAdvisor Teamed Up To Provide Locally-Themed Music

Posted on Jun 29 2016 - 8:50pm by Tom Kenny

Google Play Music and TripAdvisor teamed up to provide Android users a new music experience on the TripAdvisor Android app with locally-themed music stations that is based on the destination of your choice. So, If you are not already a Google Play Music subscriber, you will want to check out this offer from TripAdvisor.

Best of all? If you do not already subscribe to Google streaming music service, you will be awarded two months free for just downloading the TripAdvisor Android app. This is completely brilliant for the upcoming summer season

GooglePlay Music TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor Android app, you can just access a wide array of well-known and hidden-gem soundtracks for popular cities to listen to whether you are in travel planning mode or on a road trip exploring the globe. This new app feature is in more than 60 countries around the world, including most of Europe, the Americas, and parts of Asia where Google Play Music is available.

Whether TripAdvisor users are the types to sign up to a new music-streaming service on a whim remains to be seen, but this latest tie-up gives an interesting glimpse into Google’s plans to battle Spotify and Apple Music through third-party partnerships. Google reckons it can gain mindshare by shoehorning its service into other popular services, and you never know, it might just work.

This is superb — not only can you do sight-seeing while vacationing, but now music-listening too! By enjoying the similar music as the locals, it should enhance the overall experience.