Horizon Zero Dawn By Sony Interactive – Humanity’s Future

Posted on Jun 24 2015 - 9:37am by Alex Curran

Guerrilla Games announced ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ at E3 2015 of games whose publisher is Sony and Developers are Guerrilla. This game is actually based on the future of humans after World War III (WWIII), what will happen to them. Will our planet Earth be safe or will it be turned into ashes? You’ll get the answer by playing Horizon Zero Dawn. It is an upcoming role-action playing game.



All we know about the game’s story so far is that centuries after the apocalypse, the cities are abandoned and the Earth is slowly taking them back. Humans still roam the land, now contained in Tribes scattered around the world. But, humans are no longer the dominant species on Earth, as robotic dinosaurs are the top dogs around here now. For humans, existence has now become a dangerous balance between man and machine. The game follows the story of a flame-haired girl called Aloy, who we believe could have been ripped straight out of Disney’s Brave. We also hope she’s going to become one of gaming’s iconic characters, perhaps even to rival the Tomb Raider herself. Tribes in the game have their own unique personalities and attributes. Aloy comes from the machine hunter tribe, a group that has a low level of technology knowledge and can be likened to a Stone Age level clan.

Gameplay Of Horizon

Players can use a variety of way to kill enemies, such as setting traps like tripwires, shooting enemies with arrows, utilizing explosive and melee combat, or performing silent take-down. Players can also craft new items by collecting materials and machines parts found in the world. The game also features an open world, which can be explored by players when they are not completing missions. A dynamic day-night cycle and weather system will also be featured as well. Guerrilla Games also promised that loading screens will not be included in the game. The game is set in a future 1000 years from the present, in which human civilization has collapsed, and that world is dominated by robotic creatures, which have become the strongest creatures in the world.


The game is set to be released worldwide in 2016 for the PlayStation 4. The story of the game was designed by John Gonzalez, who was the Lead Writer on Fallout New Vegas before he joined Guerrilla Games in 2013.