Your Guide To Starting A Routine Games Night With Your Buddies

Posted on Sep 9 2016 - 4:24am by admin

If you’re a gamer, then you already know that some of the best moments spent gaming are those spent with your friends. But it’s not as simple as just getting everyone to show up. You have to be ready to act as both the host and organizer of these events. So here’s how you get your perfect routine games nights set up.


Choose a game that’s right for you and your friends

So, you probably have an idea already of the people you want to invite. You might also have an idea of what you like. But is it going to be for everyone? It’s easy to introduce players to the excellent fun that is Dungeons & Dragons, but not everyone likes to roleplay. Not everyone is going to be willing to collect cards for Magic: The Gathering or other TCGs. Not everyone has the attention span for board games like Game of Thrones. Make sure you ask people what games they’d be up for before you start putting it all together.

Make sure you have enough stuff for everyone

There are some games that are a bit more resource heavy than some. For games like Settlers of Catan, it’s a good idea that everyone has notepads. Whereas, for tabletop games like X-Wing or Warhammer, it involves a lot of actual physical pieces. Click here to make sure that you’ve got enough pieces for everyone or make sure that they’re willing to supply their own. A games night will easily break down if some people don’t have what they need to play.

Get it organized, but don’t be a nag

Any sort of Games Master or host has a good deal of responsibility. In the perfect world, the time you put in would be rewarded with smooth plans and uninterrupted fun. However, even if you get everything organized perfectly, real life will intrude. People might have plans or might not actually feel like playing that night. Be flexible and understanding. If someone’s continuously ducking the sessions, consider inviting someone else. Otherwise, don’t nag and put pressure on people or they may just end up not going entirely.

Be a host

It’s not just about getting the materials and the people organized. You have to make sure that you put a bit of effort into hosting it when it’s confirmed that everyone’s coming on. Get in some snacks (that are clean) and even a few beers. Set up a gaming room that gives you the privacy and atmosphere that makes it really easy to get into. Remember that these aren’t just people coming over for a games night. They’re also guests in your home. Don’t lord it over them, but be gracious and welcoming.

We know that as the person organizing a games night, especially over a long time, you can get pretty invested in these things. You can get angry when people miss it or you can get possessive over it. Just remember that everyone’s there to have fun. Take it easy and just go with the flow.