ANKI Overdrive: Make Track On Your Own

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 8:52am by Tom Kenny

The robotic car system was a bold first try at creating a new toy class that merged Scale-extricated style racing with Mario Kart-esque computer game elements. The new Overdrive system works to fix its harbinger’s problems. By having motored through a few races pleased to say, it presents one of the best toy racing experiences currently available.


Putting the track together is made super simple as each end is loaded with magnets, so you can get it done one handed. A maximum of 4 cars can be raced on the ANKI Overdrive track at one time, if you have enough friends and each has a smart device you can race head to head.

The starter kit comes complete with a couple of cars and ten pieces of track and from this you can build 8 layouts. You can control one car and set up to 4 others into AI (artificial intelligence) mode to race against you.

The basic race is a 15 lap event, you can select more laps or switch into one of 3 other game modes with added variants too. Before the race the infra-red camera loaded cars need to take a scan lap to communicate with the layout of the race to the app.

The devices also offer video gaming, Mario Kart-esque gameplay to the mix. The controls let you fire fake weapons, like plasma cannons at the other cars. An image of your build appears increasingly on screen as the cars travel around and, when done, they drive themselves to the starting line.

A separate battle mode tasks you to take down an opponent a preset number of times to win. Then there is a superb King of the Hill mode which is a kind of digital tag where you have to dodge your opposer for a accumulative number of seconds.

You can also buy extra track. Extra track pieces on offer contain 180 degree turns, extra lengths, curved pieces, banks, elevation kits and, a launch kit, an actual jump, in the exact air.


An amazing racing toy that brings the chirpiness & craziness of Scale-extricate into the digital age.