Xiaomi Launched A Refillable Pen, The Mi Pen

Posted on Sep 3 2016 - 9:35pm by Tom Kenny

A privately owned Chinese company, Xiaomi is continuously expanding its device portfolio to accommodate more and more consumer electronic devices. Now Xiaomi launched a refillable pen called the Mi Pen with a price tag of 19 Yuan ($2.85). The pen does not have any computing tricks up its nib and is a common ballpoint pen instead. It uses an ink jet system that was developed in collaboration with the Swiss PREMEC. PREMEC is a company specialised in modern formulation of inks. The new ‘Mi Pen’ is 9.5mm in diameter with a 0.5mm tungsten tip.

The Mi Pen is a normal refillable pen that uses Swiss PREMEC refills, with Japanese mikuni ink, which is a quick-drying ink. This special Japanese ink, claims Mijia, dries up easily, doesn’t fade or break and gives silky smooth hand writing. The pen is available in two colors — white and black, has a comfortable grip thanks to a diameter of 9.5mm which isn’t too small or too big, and also features a 120 degree spin which reveals or hides the pen’s 0.5mm high-precision tungsten ball tip. The Mi pen weighs less than 20 gram and the writing diameter is 0.5mm


The build of the Mi Pen is distinctly high in quality. The pen’s connectors are made using metal, and rotary member is made of copper which gives it a life-span of 50,000 rotations. Naturally, the build is aimed at prolonging the life on the pen.

This Mi Pen is currently available only on the Mi Store and Mi Home in China. While Xiaomi has just released the Mi Pen, it is already gone out of stock on Xiaomi’s shopping site.