Top Tech Must-Haves For The Summer

Posted on May 18 2016 - 4:02am by admin

The Summer can be a great time to get outdoors. Even if you’re a gaming addict, computer junkie or confirmed tech-head, you can still feed your habit while enjoying the sun and fresh air! The Summer often sees some great releases of new technology and gadgets. What better time to experiment with a new piece of kit than when the sun is shining or you’re able to hit the beach with friends? Get inspired by the list below of the five pieces of must-have tech for an amazing Summer.


A Great Camera

We take more photographs than ever before. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have turned our images into a way of portraying our lives to other people. They are also a wonderful way to relive treasured moments. A photograph album can become a genuine family heirloom. Our online feed of photos can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and compile some of the most exciting moments in our life. But you need a great camera to capture it all. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV has been made especially popular by YouTubers and vloggers. They often rave about this compact but powerful model.

Wireless Speakers

Many phones and devices are now equipped with Bluetooth technology. Wireless speakers are a new way for you and your friends to enjoy your best playlists. They are light and easy to carry while traveling. They are also create a far more clear and powerful sound quality than the average phone or tablet. Whether we’re in the park, our garden, or on the beach, we can take the party with us wherever we go.

A Smartphone

Keeping in touch with friends or staying on top of emails is an essential in the Summer. We don’t want to be tied to the home or our computer. We want the freedom to get out and about while still enjoying access to our essentials. A great smartphone can allow us to take the whole office with us. We can message friends and arrange meet-ups. We can email clients or share content. We can even keep on top of our budget and finances on the go. A model like the Oppo F1 Plus also boasts an excellent camera for selfies! With a phone like this, we can leave any other bulky cameras at home.

A Pedometer or FitBit

Summer can be a time to get in shape. Fresh air and sunlight is more likely to motivate us to get moving than the cold and gloom of Winter. Counting your steps with a FitBit or pedometer can be a great way to monitor your health. It’s possible to set daily goals and targets. Some models even allow you to measure calories burned or inclines covered. Many people are surprised by how little they actually walk during the day. But this affordable piece of technology can motivate us to do better.

Segway Board

This wonderful piece of technology for the big kid in all of us works by sensing the tilt of our body. It can take some getting used to, demanding some of the skill and balance similar to skateboarding! But it can be a fun and novel way to get around.