TomTom Revealed A Trio Of New Wearables, Including Its First Fitness Tracker

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 10:39pm by Tom Kenny

TomTom revealed three new fitness tracking wearables at IFA. The first one is called the TomTom Touch. And it’s a fairly standard wrist-band fitness tracker in terms of its design. But it also measures your body fat and muscle mass in addition to the more common stuff like sleep tracking, step counting, and heart rate. The other two are updates to Spark, TomTom’s fitness watch line, that offer much more advanced (and GPS-based) activity tracking.

TomTom Touch Wrist-Band Fitness Tracker:

The TomTom Touch is just looks like a more rounded Fitbit Charge 2, with the addition of the round, indented circle — that’s where you will place and hold your finger when the device is checking your body composition. A signal is sent throughout your body and it resonates though layers of fat, organs, and muscles to determine your composition.

The Touch can also track sleep and your heart rate up to 5 days at time. It features a touch-sensitive screen and has a water-resistant rating of IPX7. Means that it can take its fair share of splashes of water.

The Touch also offers up smartphone notifications, a 5 day battery life. And it offers stats that show how your body composition changes over time.


TomTom fitness tracking wearables

TomTom Spark 3:

The Spark 3, which comes with 24/7 GPS tracking and 3 gigabyte of built-in storage for music playback. Compared to its predecessor, the third-gen Spark sports a route exploration feature, that lets you view your starting and current location and shows you the direction you’re moving in. You are also able to manage and upload your own trails (15 max), including those from third-party services like Strava

TomTom Adventurer:

The TomTom Adventurer takes a similar approach is a new addition to the range of this year. It adopts the fundamentals of what makes Spark and Runner watches so great and adds a dash of rugged, outdoorsy charm. The key difference is, aside from a £50 price hike, are that it adds a barometer/altimeter to the Spark’s list of capabilities

These two new features allow the Adventurer to detect elevation changes more quickly and accurately than straight GPS. So you can see how far uphill you have hiked and run in a day. There are new trail-running and hiking modes as well, but it is the skiing and boarding modes that most interest me.

The TomTom Touch will be available for pre-order from 8 Sept for £130, and will hit the shops in October. So it isn’t cheap, but for a tracker that does this much, it is certainly an interesting proposition. The TomTom Spark 3 and Runner 3 are available now for £200.