Technology Big Kids Will Love

Posted on Oct 7 2015 - 7:19am by admin

New technology is being invented all the time, but the best kind is technology for big kids! If you’re a big kid at heart and a bit of a tech geek, you’ll love some of the things on this list. If you’re simply looking for a gift for somebody who loves tech and big kids stuff, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more:

robot army

Segway Board

The segway board is the new ‘it’ piece of technology for kids and big kids everywhere. We’ve all seen the Back to the Future skateboard and wished we had one at the time. In fact, it was supposed to be here already if the film is anything to go by. However, the segway board is the closest thing we have at the minute. What is it? It’s exactly like a segway, except without the handles. It’s also a little like a skateboard as you control it by leaning and tilting your body to make it go where you want it to go. People of all ages can have fun with these and they are sure to make amazing Christmas presents this year.

Ollie App Controlled Robot

This smartphone controlled robot will keep kids and parents entertained for hours. He can flip, spin, turn, and go up to 14 miles per hour. You can definitely compare him to a mini skateboarder, except he doesn’t have a skateboard. Use them indoors or outdoors, on most kinds of terrain. You can even use multiple robots to have spin offs with one another. It’s a lot of fun that any big kid is sure to enjoy!

GoPro Hero 4

This amazing camera is perfect for tech geeks who like to go out there and live life to the full. The GoPro has already been hailed as the world’s most versatile camera, and it’s definitely true. You can use it to capture your favourite moments; snowboarding, surfing, biking, and more. You have an endless amount of options with this camera.

3D Printing Pen

Ever wished that you could draw something and it would just come to life? Now you can do just that! The 3D printing pen allows you to draw and create just about anything you want. It’s really exciting seeing things you’ve drawn come to life!

The PS4

Big kids love games consoles. The PS4 is arguably the best games console out there. Of course there’s some debate between the Xbox and PS4 – you’re usually more inclined to use one or the other, never both. However the PS4 wins in our eyes!

MiP Robot

This nifty little robot is controlled by your smart device, and can do so many cool little things you won’t want to put him down. He can do 50 tricks, dance, and challenge you to stack objects on his tray. If you buy this for your kids, you’ll soon steal it from them!

Big kids will love the technology listed here! If you’re a big kid, is there anything you’d add to the list? Leave a comment!