SmartDesk 3 delivers many intelligent features for enhanced productivity

Posted on Jan 5 2018 - 6:50pm by Tom Kenny

Autonomous Smart office based in new york has created a new version in their SmartDesk that’s now ready with a touchscreen and integrated synthetic intelligence that will help you works smarter and be extra efficient during your day.

SmartDesk 3 as able to ordering you lunch as well as integrating with a number of smart gadgets presently available including Nest, LiFX mild bulbs, Spotify and more.

SmartDesk 3 Smart Standing Desk Design

The SmartDesk 3 is an advanced and versatile smart status table that measures 30″ wide x 50″ lengthy x 24″-51″ tall. As shown within the images, the standing desk shows off a minimalistic and smooth look layout that permits it to fit nicely with numerous indoors patterns. in the meantime, the T-shaped feet are made from commercial-grade metal for sturdiness and strong aid, and its wood veneer desktop is bonded with stable MDF cores that don’t wrap or crack. Moreover, the rounded edges are designed to reduce contact-strain and make certain pain-free support.


SmartDesk 3 Smart Standing Desk Features

As a smart standing table, SmartDesk three is able to measure your pastime and tell you when to get up and sit down. Furthermore, the desk capabilities an integrated AI touchscreen that functions numerous shortcuts to enhance your productiveness and fitness such as gambling song, checking inventory, ordering food, controlling temperature, retaining hydrated and more. Moreover, its gesture control helps you to without difficulty navigate thru your favorite desktop apps and whole complicated duties comfortably.

SmartDesk 3 Smart Standing Desk Price

The team behind SmartDesk 3 has done the fund aim for the product via Kickstarter, however we will still preorder the smart standing desk by way of pledging $499 USD. it will likely be shipped in December 2017. you may also go to the reputable SmartDesk 3 marketing campaign web page to study extra about the status desk with integrated artificial intelligence and touchscreen.