Smart Art: 5 Futuristic Technologies For Creatives

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 8:12am by admin

Tech needn’t be purely a left brain thing. Artists and musicians can now enjoy a new level of freedom thanks to innovative new gadgets on the market. Here are few examples of modern technologies certain to be fuelling creative minds of the future.

wacom intuos 3

Graphics tablet

Digital technology had made drawing a lot easier, allowing illustrators and designers to easily erase a mistake. For some however, the mouse and cursor just hasn’t got the same smooth feel as a pen and paper. Tablets and styluses have helped cure this problem. But why not go one step further than a iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab and buy a tablet specially designed for graphic design? These offer a more powerful sense of control, higher resolution and larger drawing area. Some even come with a range of pens and a sensitivity control to give it that extra natural likeness.

3d printer

3D printers allow users to sculpt anything they like, regarding they have the technical know-how. You can make your own spare parts for your home, your own toys for the kids or create your own line of personalised products. But how much is a 3D printer? More and more affordable models suitable for home use are constantly coming on the market. Once an invention only for rich design companies, 3D printers may soon be a regular device in everyone’s home.

Smart guitar

You no longer need the room for a fat amp and a full sized guitar. Digital versions such as the Jamstick have allowed a portable and easy alternative for budding guitarists worldwide. The innovative instrument is smart powered, so you can use your phone as an amp wirelessly. If you’re a travelling musician wanting to pack light but still practice your riffs and licks, this smart guitar might be the solution.

Smartphone microphone attachment

Singers can also starting pack light thanks to gadgets like the Mikey digital microphone. The device plugs straight into the USB port of your phone and has all the sound quality of a professional mic. You can record straight onto your mobile phone, so if you’re away from home and suddenly have an idea for a song, you can lay down a melody there and then.


Are you an avid air drummer? If you’ve always fancied getting yourself a drum kit but haven’t got the space, this amazing virtual alternative could be your answer. The instrument measures your drumming gestures and plays back the sounds as if you were a playing a real kit. You can take it around with you and set it up anywhere without having the hassle of a real drum kit. You can also use this device with headphones to prevent the neighbours or parents complaining. It’s the perfect portable contraption for any percussionist.