Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker includes GPS with an LTE-M network

Posted on Feb 20 2019 - 3:07pm by Tom Kenny

Samsung is unveiling a SmartThings tracker that’s powered by LTE-M (in preference to Bluetooth) that will help you discover stuff. The cellular community permits it for use for real-time area tracking in your pets and youngsters in addition to out of place items. The power button at the tracker, whilst pressed twice, will ship its region through the SmartThings app, and there’s also an option to send an SOS.

Families can use the SmartThings Tracker to ship location notifications to different individuals or enable live monitoring for as many as 10 mins. You may additionally use the tracker as a SmartThings-enabled proximity sensor to trigger automations with any Works with SmartThings device. The SmartThings tracker permits for geo-fenced zones and can problems signals while a tracked item leaves a predetermined area.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Design

The SmartThings Tracker is designed for indoor or out of doors use, and it is rated for IP68 water-resistance, which means that it may be submerged in 4.9 feet of water for as many as half-hour. The rechargeable battery is designed to last up to one week on a single charge. For more information, go to the Samsung internet site.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Features

The SmartThings Tracker builds upon capability offered by Bluetooth-based trackers like the famous Tile products that a restrained via the variety of that technology. Samsung’s product makes use of the low-energy LTE-M technology, which has been designed for internet of things devices.

Samsung’s offering also features geofencing, alerting you if a device leaves a certain radius, which makes it ideal for attaching to a pet who likes to find a way out of the back garden, or a child who likes to sneak out while grounded.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Price

All that comes with a modest price tag: the tracker is available for $99 with AT&T service included for the first year, and $5 a month (or $50 a year) for AT&T service afterward. It’s available from or AT&T stores, and it will be available through Verizon later this year.