The Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones By Beats Are Now Available To Buy

Posted on Jan 9 2017 - 9:54pm by Tom Kenny

Following the launch of the W1-equipped Solo3 on-ear headphones, Beats has now launched the latest iteration of its Powerbeats wireless earphones, the new Powerbeats 3. Making it the second audio peripheral to ship with the Apple W1 chip. Which allows easy instantaneous pairing between Apple devices.


This newest Beats model is both sweat and water-resistant, means that you can wear them while exercising and during a light drizzle. They are also wireless, removing the cable tether, but with a new design meant to keep them firmly in your ears.

beat powerbeats 3

Powerbeats 3

Powerbeats 3 Battery Life:

According to Apple, what that W1 chip delivers is a extra battery life. The Powerbeats 2 only lasted 6 hours on a single charge, but the Powerbeats 3 double that capacity to 12 hours. Plus, a new ‘Fast Fuel’ feature means they can charge for an hour’s use in just 5 minutes. As with the AirPods, they should deliver frictionless pairing with the new iPhone too, but as the underlying wireless protocol is Bluetooth, they will work just fine with other Bluetooth-supported devices as well.

Four sizes of eartips are included in the box to fit in a wide range of human ears. The design of the buds themselves has also been changed with third version for the better ergonomics and comfort.

Powerbeats 3 Feature:

As well as efficiency gains, the W1 chip allows seamless pairing and setup with Apple Watch and iPhone. Once paired, the settings will sync over iCloud to your Macs and iPads.

Finally, the new Beats earbuds feature RemoteTalk and an integrated microphone, means that you can activate Siri, answer calls, and also control your music without having to pull your iPhone out.

Powerbeats 3 Price:

The new Powerbeats 3 are available to buy cost $199.95 from Apple Store now, quoting 3-5 day delivery estimates. The new earphones come in five colors: White, Black, Shock Yellow, Siren Red and Flash Blue.