Posted on Jun 20 2018 - 11:45am by Tom Kenny

In advance this year Libratone announced a brand new pair of wired-free headphones within the shape of the track+ at houston tech event. For individuals who are inquisitive about getting their hands on it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Libratone Track+ are now to be had for buy in which they will be priced at $19999 within the US, with a plan to finally reach Europe mid-May.

Libratone Track+ Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones Deign

The Track+ is a couple of high- performance ANC Bluetooth earbuds. As we can see from the pictures, the in-ear headphones show off a swish, minimal look design along side discreet colour alternatives: black and white. Meanwhile, the skin-friendly, soft and beautiful rubberized outside let you feel at ease all day long, and it also capabilities tangle-free layout and decreased cable friction noise. The use of 5 extraordinary ear-suggestions, the earbuds offer a strong and comfortable wear for every consumer, and sweat a x splash proof layout allows you to revel in your favourite track in the course of an severe exercising.

Libratone Track+ Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones

Libratone Track+ Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones Features

Libratone Track+ features adjustable noise cancellation, and its four-step noise cancelling can automatically adapt to your surroundings. The four levels include pass through, passive ANC, 50% ANC and 100% ANC. Furthermore, using built-in motion sensor, the Bluetooth earbuds automatically goes to sleep when not in use, and when motion is detected, the earphones will wake up instantly. Moreover, dual microphone design ensures optimal suppression of background noise during phone calls. Built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy 8-hour playtime, and the Track+ can be fully charged in just one hour.

Libratone Track+ Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones Price

Libratone Track+ Bluetooth in-ear earphones with adjustable ANC are priced at $199 USD. If you are really interested in this new earphones and want to grab it, then jump to Libratone official site for its more details.