iDevices Product Enhanced With Amazon Alexa Compatibility

Posted on Aug 15 2016 - 10:47pm by Tom Kenny

A leading brand in the smart home industry, iDevices recently announced that its connected home gadgets and app are now compatible with Amazon Alexa. Alexa-compatible devices from iDevices includes a thermostat, an outdoor power switch and socket, a light bulb adapter for existing lamps, and an indoor connected plug.

In order to use your iDevices appliances with Alexa, you will need to use the iDevices Connected app for iPad and iPhone. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the application, then select Settings at the bottom of the menu. Under Amazon Alexa, connect your Amazon account and your devices.

Initial configuration for iDevices accessories requires iOS hardware for initial setup, though with a new update, you can sign in to their Amazon account within the iDevices Connected App to add Alexa support.


Following login, the new iDevices Connected skill is added to Alexa by Amazon’s official app for the voice-controlled accessory. After the first setup, the iOS application is no longer required for routine use, but is still needed for advanced configurations or troubleshooting.

The suite of iDevices hardware with accompanying app allows for control of HomeKit-compatible products with no subscription fee or hub, including third-party devices. Adding an Amazon Alexa device as a control point for the installed iDevices hardware has no effect on existing configurations on the iOS app.

From there, you can also create appliance groups to easily turn the multiple iDevices products on and off with a single command, and manage that how these products interact with your Amazon devices. Once you have finished, you’re all set to command your iDevices product using commands like ‘Alexa, turn off my lights.’

If you do not yet have any iDevices home automation products, you can also find the whole selection over at Amazon.