HP Tango Smart Home Printer works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana

Posted on Feb 13 2019 - 2:21pm by Tom Kenny

Consider whilst printers used to look like, well, printers? HP’s modern-day addition to the sector of paper and ink is the Tango — a tool designed to appearance nothing like a traditional printer. In the beginning look, the HP Tango appears to be perhaps a small fabric layer field, or a completely thick e-book, but within is a small wired-free printer boasting a few hints. Starting from $149 for the base unit, and $49 more for the Tango X version with fabric, the mini-stealth printer may play as more of a centerpiece than some thing to hide away.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer Features

– Minimalist and compact design for the smart home
– First of its type covers based on the state-of-the-art traits in worldwide fashion, layout and materials.
– Gentle substances function both a classy accessory and paper touchdown zone.
– A “guided lighting fixtures” LED illuminates the paper tray while it’s printing or out of paper.
– HP smart App Powered
– Use the app to communicate with Tango.
– Print everywhere the usage of mobile records or a remote WIFI connection.
– In no way run out of ink. Order ink directly from the app or let Tango do it mechanically with HP immediate Ink.
– Be notified when a print task is complete, how your ink and paper degrees are, or if your cowl is closed.
– Free photos: Pix print free out of your smartphone while you sign up Tango in HP immediately Ink.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer Price

HP is set to ship the HP Tango next month for $149.99 via retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, though pre-orders are already available via its website. You’ll also want to consider the HP Tango X for $199.99 which includes one of the covers mentioned above; the standard HP Tango doesn’t come with one, however, the covers will also be available for purchase separately.