Fromaggio smart automatic home cheese making machine lets you conveniently make your favorite cheeses

Posted on Apr 25 2019 - 3:03pm by Tom Kenny

There are only a few ingredients and food that aren’t made better with a bit of cheese. if you’re a cheese fan who can spend hours in the cheese aisle picking out your favorites, then Fromaggio simply is probably the device that you need in your kitchen. It’s a smart, automatic cheesemaker launching on Kickstarter so one can fit proper for your kitchen counter and let you produce your favourite styles of cheeses in a healthful, natural, and low-priced way.

Making cheese may additionally appear like an intimidating way, specially if you’ve seen the industrial device that is typically made to mass produce the stuff, but Fromaggio is designed to take all of your concerns away. The usage of the appliance is ready as easy as can be. All you need to do is pour in milk, way of life, and rennet. From there, you pick the setting you want. There are defaults for distinctive types of cheeses, or you may play around and set your very own. After that, the system does the be just right for you.

Fromaggio Smart Automatic Home Cheese Making Machine Design

The Fromaggio is a sophisticated, app-enabled smart home cheesemaker. As shown in the pix, with a compact layout, you could without difficulty location it at the countertop in your kitchen. The stainless steel casing now not most effective affords a long lasting production, but also lets in it to healthy well with numerous kitchen patterns.


Fromaggio Smart Automatic Home Cheese Making Machine Features

The automatic home cheese making machine is able to make almost any type of soft or hard cheese. And it only takes 30 minutes to make fresh cheese such as mozzarella or up to 48 hours for more complex hard cheeses. Furthermore, an LCD touchscreen display walks you through a few easy steps. Using built-in Bluetooth technology, it wirelessly connects with your smartphone so that you can remotely control the machine, read instructions, order ingredients, customize and share recipes and more. Moreover, its detachable heads feature different size cutters that help you create perfect cheese, while the removable design ensures it’s pretty easy to sanitize, maintain and re-use.

Fromaggio Smart Automatic Home Cheese Making Machine Price

The team behind Fromaggio is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $349 to preorder the smart automatic home cheese making machine. It will be shipped in March 2020.