EmoBridge Launched Innovative And Smart Wristband “SENSMI”

Posted on May 9 2016 - 7:46am by Tom Kenny

EmoBridge introduced the world’s first smart wristband called “Sensmi”. It is world’s many accurate intelligent wristband that marks and analyzes your daily highlight levels and nap patterns.

This new innovative wristband to shift away from attempt to have more impact, and simply counting steps and meaning on our lives. Rather than focus on fitness, it is all about stress management, rest, and meditation as well as sleep patterns. It helps we pursue life with reduction highlight and some-more mindfulness. we can simply find out who, when, where, and what triggers a many highlight in life and work, and use stress-relieving exercises to ease down and boost focus, formed on sensmi’s suggestions.

EmoBridge Sensmi

It works by measuring Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is an apparently natural body response to excitement, nerves, or stress. The Sensmi monitors GSR using a bio-sensor, and having collected data, it uses an algorithm to provide feedback and action points, manage stress and ready to help reduce. sensmi is powered with a exclusive GSR-Pro sensor to weigh your highlight level.

The ultra-thin, water-resistant wearable has a long battery life, we can wear it for a whole week but syncing or charging it and with its companion iOS and Android app, it accurately measures and effectively manages the users stress levels and reports daily activities and sleep patterns can affect their mental state. It also uses troops customary encryption record to strengthen your personal data.

In simple word it is the idea to help recognize stress points, understand them, and do something about it.