Electric Jukebox Music Streaming Device Only For TV

Posted on Nov 10 2016 - 7:26am by Alex Curran

Electric Jukebox Music Streaming device was first announced in last year at a glitzy launch event in London last October and finally will be available now for pre orders. The music streaming hardware will firstly launch in the UK. And will be coming to the United States in the future, though no firm launch dates was provided yet.


Electric Jukebox is a Television based music streaming device. The device lets you give a thousands of music services but only for Tv.

The device comes in two parts: a dongle that you plug into the back of your TV, and a controller that looks a bit like Wii stick. The Controller has buttons and you can also control through voice commands. They can’t access the streaming service anywhere but on their TV and along with speakers. But this device not for Smartphone or tablet.

Electric Jukebox will launch with 29 million tracks cobbled together through deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin, PIAS, Believe Digital, and Warner Music Group, among others. The device must also carry The Curse of Fry, which provides the promotional voiceovers and his own curated playlists.

Electric Jukebox promises roughly the same library of music as Spotify. Co-creator of the hardware, Rob Lewis, said that his company isn’t trying to compete with Spotify. It’s trying to win over the population that hasn’t yet subscribed to a streaming service, as well as older people who don’t get technology.

Using the heavy and hulking machines which gives you music streaming, the Electric Jukebox  is something that you can hold in your hand.

Electric Jukebox Price

Electric Jukebox firstly come in UK and the hardware costs £169. The purchase price includes a one year subscription to Electric Jukebox’s music service. After a year, users can listen to certain curated channels for free, or resubscribe for £52 to access all albums ad-free for a year.


Electric Jukebox Price

United States $209
UK £169
Australia AU$270