Cobra CDR 840E: Handy & Affordable

Posted on Dec 29 2015 - 11:32am by Tom Kenny

The Cobra CDR 840E expenses £129.99 direct from Cobra, yet purchase it from Amazon UK and at this time you can get one for just £112.85. It has a long, half round outline with a silver metal front. It’s well constructed and looks great. On the left are small scale HDMI and smaller than expected USB ports. On the inverse end is a microSD space a 8GB card is incorporated and an exclusive force connector, as opposed to the typical USB.

Cobra CDR 840E

You can’t charge the Cobra CDR 840E by means of its USB port: it’s only for information. The back board incorporates a small 1.5 inch screen, the force catch, a crisis record catch clear because of its orange shading and a d-cushion. This isn’t as simple to use as we had trusted as the little markings are difficult to see and the left and right catches aren’t for route.

Rather they are menu and mode catches, with just the here and there catches being for traveling through menus, some of which are confusingly laid out left to right. A GPS is implicit, and it’s much neater than having an outside unit with additional wiring.

The main outline blemish it that the suction mount isn’t brisk discharge, so in the event that you need to evacuate the camera to put it outside of anyone’s ability to see while your auto is stopped, you’ll need to uproot the suction container as well.

There is no WiFi, which is a slight amazement at this cost. The little screen makes it difficult to see any point of interest while auditing footage, so you’ll need to associate it to a PC or a TV to peruse enlistment plates, for instance.

Cobra CDR 840E supplies the DriveHD programming with the camera, and the most recent form is accessible to download from its site. This showcases the video, GPS (global positioning system) area on a guide and G-sensor information as the video plays and is by a wide margin the best player we have seen as it really works.

It even gatherings documents from the same time in the wake of checking the memory card and plays them in arrangement instead of you loading each separately. Cobra CDR can be applied in lots of cars, for instance Toyota Scion C-HR.


The screen is too little, the mount is not snappy discharge and the lens has a moderately limit field of perspective, yet footage is great in general and the product is nice.