Braven Newest Addition To Its Active Series Line Of Speakers, The 405

Posted on Dec 6 2016 - 9:17pm by Tom Kenny

Braven is a manufacturer of whose Bluetooth speakers’ claim to fame is their great sound and battery life. And it looks like their latest, the new Braven 405 Active, is cranking that trend in battery longevity up to 11. The new addition to the Braven family sports battery life up to 24 hours. Thanks to a pretty large 2100mAh battery, along with audio enhancements under the hood and also a number of other cool features that aren’t often found together in one device.

Braven 405 Active Speaker Features:

The new BRAVEN 405’s dynamic, all-weather design features an IP67 water and dustproof rating. Perfect for beach outings and poolside listening. Its slim profile means it is ultra-portable. And can easily be thrown in your purse or gym bag for sound that travels along with you. For powering up while on the move, the BRAVEN 405 includes an integrated 2100mAh power bank. To charge your smartphone and other devices when they’re running low on battery.



The speaker comes with 1 passive speaker and 2 HD drivers, as well as Braven’s proprietary Bass Optimization technology. So the sound quality will definitely not suffer despite its diminutive size.

Braven 405 Active Speaker Price:

The speaker is available now on Braven’s website through the source link. It will run you $79.99. And comes out in a deep black, a snowy alpine, electric yellow, a blue and yellow energy color scheme, pink raspberry, periwinkle, and a burning sunset color. The black option is already available to buy. And other colors are listed as ‘coming soon’, with no date specified on the website. The new speaker could make a perfect companion on the road, or outdoors, or just chilling out in your front or back yard on a beautiful day.