Aerowood modular wooden drone can be customized with four different frames for a unique flight experience

Posted on Apr 15 2019 - 5:07pm by Tom Kenny

In case you are interested by constructing your very own modular wooden drone kit you’ll be interested in the Aerowood, created by a small group of engineers and designers from SirTeen, based in San Diego, California. Four distinct body designs will with a bit of luck be to be had in the shape of the Ninja, Taiji, Sophon and Cubee.

Aerowood Modular Wooden Drone Design

The Aerowood is an innovative DIY drone package that consists of 184 portions of safe and eco-friendly wood additives authorized via the FSC. The drone can be assembled like a 3D puzzle through wood joinery mortise and tenon joints, so that you can without difficulty interlock all of the components for a drone with no need any glues or nails. meanwhile, the DIY kit has 4 body settings which include Ninja, Taiji, Sophon, and Cubee. The usage of one remote control and two sets of batteries, you could switch among the four body settings.


Aerowood Modular Wooden Drone Features

The modular wooden drone comes equipped with a 720p HD camera in order to sync high-quality images and videos onto your smartphone in seconds. Moreover, the camera drone can hover perfectly in air with no drifting, and its fly safe feature allows you to set height and distance limits to keep your flights within a safe range. Once detecting no signal, it will automatically return to your initial starting point. And one key return feature allows it to automatically return to its home location with one click.

Apart from these, the drone offers 10 minute flight time between charges. In addition to assembling it by yourself, the Aerowood is programmable, so you can set various commands or actions using graphical programming.

Aerowood Modular Wooden Drone Price

The team behind Aerowood is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $169 to preorder the modular wooden drone kit. It will be shipped in next month.