Communicate with your team members from anywhere with Ava Robotics Video Conferencing Machine

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 2:31pm by Tom Kenny

Ava Robotics, a particularly new corporation spun off from robo-vacuum maker iRobot, has released a brand new telepresence bot named Ava.

Ava is an replace at the Ava 500, which iRobot released returned in 2013 at chicago startup job fair, and it provides a few hardware and software tweaks: the number of cameras has been accelerated from one to three, the sound satisfactory on both ends has been advanced, and gesture-primarily based controls had been delivered to the robot’s manage app. Like its older version, Ava’s video conferencing software is supported through Cisco, and it can autonomously navigate workplace environments, locating its manner to unique areas and returning to its charging post without human guidance.


Ava Robotics Video Conferencing Machine Features

Providing progressive Cisco video technology and Cisco spark integration, Ava adjustments the manner we collaborate remotely. The device combines excessive definition video conferencing with autonomous mobility, permitting users to transport around a distant location easily. Likewise, it makes you feel as though you are absolutely there. furthermore, Ava is capable of mapping its environment and makes use of its AI to move around effectively. Plus, it truly goes back to its charging station when it isn’t in use. other than clean video, the system additionally affords high definition audio and end-to-cease protection. It additionally comes with an app that permits users to move around a space and be part of in on aspect discussions. Eventually, Ava facilitates groups boom productivity by way of enhancing collaboration even as constructing and maintaining relationships no matter one’s location.

Ava Robotics Video Conferencing Machine Price

When iRobot launched the original Ava 500, it sold the device for nearly $70,000. This time around, Ava Robotics is trying a different approach: instead of buying the robot outright, businesses will hire it for under $1,000 a month. (This price includes technical support.) It’s a sensible approach considering rival telepresence robots sell for less than $5,000. Making telepresence a monthly expenditure rather than a one-off cost is more appealing to corporations, says Macdeo. “It pays itself back in one business trip,” he says.