3 Strategies to Help Your Workforce Maximize Productivity

Posted on Oct 30 2020 - 3:56pm by admin

People who are responsible for supervising a workforce have to play an active role in how their staff manages their time. It’s important that you give your staff the resources that they need to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities while also getting as much done as they can within a given workday. Here are three strategies for supporting your staff and helping them maximize their productivity.

Workforce Maximize Productivity

1. Offer Reliable IT Support

While you want your staff to have some basic computer skills, it’s unlikely that everyone on your team is going to be a tech genius. A relatively simple tech problem can bring some of your most productive team member’s workday to a screeching halt when the solution isn’t obvious. You can’t let a glitch knock an hour out of an employees’ workday while they try to resolve it themselves, and it’s also preferable to avoid situations in which one person’s problem takes up another staff member’s time when people reach out to a colleague for help. Unless you have an in-house IT department, you should have a remote IT support service provider who can troubleshoot issues right when they happen. If you need IT services in Boston, reach out to a service provider who can offer your staff remote support when they need it.

2. Have Regular Meeting Times

Making a set time to go over supervisory matters may seem like a big time commitment, but really it can be a big time saver that works to both your advantage and your staff’s. A regular meeting time with the people who you supervise gives them a fixed time in their schedule for connecting with you. During this time, they can ask you important questions about their assignments as well as how they should be prioritizing them and using their time. They won’t have to reach out to you with questions at unexpected times and have to wait to hear back from you before they can proceed with whatever agenda item they’re asking about. A set meeting time benefits you by preserving the continuity in your workday; you won’t be interrupted in what you’re doing by having to answer team members’ questions when you need to be directing your attention towards something else.

3. Offer Training On Time Management Skills

A busy workforce may struggle to find time for ongoing training, but it’s essential that you give your staff opportunities to continue developing their skills throughout the course of their employment. Undoubtedly, time management skills is one of the most important aptitudes that you want to instill in your team. Be sure to allocate some time to this key training topic; it will be well worth the time investment because it will have a long-lasting impact on how your staff uses their time productively. Consider using a virtual training forum from a professional service. Staff won’t have to go offsite to complete a training course, and it will be fairly easy to fit the training into your staff’s schedules.