What Every Home Cinema Needs to Have

Posted on Nov 2 2015 - 1:40pm by admin

So, you’re thinking about turning one of your rooms into a home cinema. It’s a great idea, but you will need to make a few key investments. Here’s what you’re going to need to make it happen.

Projection screen

The Perfect Chair

You can’t enjoy watching movies in your home if you don’t have the right chair to sit in while you watch them. So, one of the first things you should do, before you do anything else, is hunt for the perfect chair. Of course, the perfect chair will be different for different people. You might want a whole sofa to relax on, or you might want a single chair to relax in like in a real cinema. It’s entirely up to you.

A Projector & Screen

You need to get the basic things right next. Every home cinema needs a projector and a screen if it’s going to function properly. Sure, you could opt for a big plasma screen. But it’s never quite the same as having a movie projected onto a screen like in a cinema. That’s why you need to buy a high-quality projector and hook it up to your blu-ray player. If you’re on a budget, you can find Hitachi Portable Projectors at Projector SuperStore.

Surround Sound

Let’s face it, movies are meant to be seen with surround sound. There’s a reason that all the cinemas use surround sound technology. It’s simply the best way of seeing a movie. The latest technology is 7.1 surround sound, so this is the type of system you should use. This will massively improve the bass sound and stop the movies from sounding too weak and lifeless. Powerful sound is always better.

Good Lighting

Lighting is essential in a home cinema. Ideally, you should have dimming lights so that you can control the levels of light in the room. You’re going to need light when you’re setting up your movie, but once it gets started, you’re not going to want light invading the room. So, dimming lights help you to control the light with precision. They’re ideal for recreating that real cinema atmosphere.


There are two main reasons why soundproofing your home cinema might be a great idea. First of all, it improves the acoustics in the room. The sound will be confined to the room, and it won’t escape, so the sound will improve a lot. Secondly, your movie won’t annoy anyone else in the home or the next door neighbors. This means you’ll be able to turn the sound up as loudly as you like.


When you’re watching movies, you’re going to need something to eat. That’s why I always say it’s a good idea to have lots of snacking options in your home cinema room. You can never have too many snacks when you’re watching a great movie. You could splash out and buy one of those mini fridges in your room to keep your cans of Coke and other snacks in if you want to!