Reaching Customers On A Personal Level

Posted on Jan 13 2017 - 1:24pm by admin

The hardest part of business is switching off your business brain every now and then. Perhaps you’re raising an eyebrow and wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Well, think about it. Business depends on people, but businesses often end up thinking in terms of numbers and figures. This is the ultimate dilemma. How do businesses retain their sensible, level, statistical heads without completely alienating any potential clients by forgetting how to engage in some form of human, personal communication?


Well, the key lies in exactly that: remembering how to communicate. Your company has to remember what people want, and the “business” element of things will sort itself out. If you’re still wondering what I mean, then here’s some advice for reaching your current customers, or future customers, on a more personal level.

Ask and listen.

This sounds like too obvious, too subtle and too simple an approach, and that’s exactly why it works. Customers don’t want gimmicks, they don’t want complex business jargon, and they certainly don’t want overbearing advertisement. They want to solve their problems, which means they’re going to choose a company which sounds interested in addressing their problems.

These “clients” are people, and you have to listen to them. Keeping a level business head, sometimes, is about remembering that. Making a sale is about looking through the customer’s eyes, which you can’t do if you sound like you’re selling them something. Listen to what they’re looking for, and then tell them why your product or service will be able to address their problems.

The intimate nature of technology and the internet.

The customer is always right, and that isn’t just a cheesy saying. It has strong roots in the basis of a successful business, so it’s a sentence you should always think about when you’re planning business decisions. So, if the customer is always right, that means you should be paying attention to what they’re doing, rather than forcing your own business’ ideas upon them. You need to figure out how to connect with them, and the power of technology makes this all the easier.

Of course, the internet is where you’ll most easily find your target audience, and it’s where you’ll reach out to them as well, if you want to really achieve success. Of course, as discussed, corporate tactics really turn off customers the majority of the time. You have to approach them in a personal way, and live video streaming is one such marketing method that has really taken off recently. Live streaming is not a new concept on the internet, by any means, but it’s growing in popularity in business terms. There are many companies which can provide such a service:

Patience is key.

Patience is something that humans practice, so, if you demonstrate it, you’ll be showing human qualities, rather than business ones. That goes a long way with a customer, because, whilst you really need the sale, they really need to think about it first. They’re parting with their money, which means they need to feel as if this is benefitting them, rather than you. If you keep pushing the sale, it’ll put off your potential buyer, as they’ll believe you’re not really concerned with their interests at all. They’ll believe you only care about your back pocket. Show that you care about the customer.