Laibox Cam modular action camera is trying to bring us a flexible way to record high-quality videos

Posted on Feb 13 2018 - 6:39pm by Tom Kenny

Laibox Cam is a brand new modular motion camera, released via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website this month seeking to improve the required finances it wishes to go into production. The small motion camera may be fitted with interchangeable lenses permitting you to customise the lens to fit your application.

Laibox Cam Modular Action Camera Design

The Laibox Cam is an innovative interchangeable lens action camera that measures 44 x 59 x 24mm and weighs 86g. As shown in the images, the action camera shows off a lightweight and compact form factor that allows you to effortlessly take it with you for any outdoor adventure, and its full metal CNC technology and special surface treatment deliver an elegant and sleek aesthetic style.

Laibox Cam Modular Action Camera

Laibox Cam Modular Action Camera Features

The modular action camera comes equipped with a 14MP sensor and a wide-angle lens with a range of up to 170 degrees plus built-in image stabilization technology in order to deliver high-quality stills and 4K videos. More importantly, the modular mini camera features two interchangeable lenses including a 8x optical zoom lens and a panoramic lens module. Using the panoramic lens, Laibox Cam supports 720-degree shooting without any blind angle.

Moreover, its magnetic design allows you to easily switch between its interchangeable lenses, and more lenses will be available soon including dual-lens module and 3D lens. The modular action camera comes with a 2-inch HD display, and its pivoted design allows for convenient navigation and composition. Using built-in WiFi module, you can easily transmit your photos and videos to your smartphone for further editing and sharing with others, and its custom app allows you to remotely control it on your smartphone. In addition, its rechargeable battery is changeable so you can use multiple batteries for a longer recording time.

Laibox Cam Modular Action Camera Price

The team behind Laibox Cam is raising fund on Indiegogo. We can pledge $219 to preorder the modular action camera with 8x optical zoom lens, panoramic lens module, remote control and battery. The kit will be shipped in April 2018.