FUJIFILM Launched “FUJINON UA13x4.5” and “FUJINON UA80x9 1.2 EXT” Zoom Lenses

Posted on Apr 29 2016 - 6:30pm by Alex Curran

FUJIFILM recently announced the launched of two Zoom Lenses: FUJINON UA13 x 4.5 wide angle Ultra HD (UHD) lens and UA80 x 9 1.2 EXT high magnification zoom lens. Both of these product specially designed for UHD broadcast applications and it ensures that 4K UHD pictures remain consistent, accurate and give you the excellent quality, no matter how wide the shot is.


The Fujinon UA13 x 4.5 wide angle Ultra HD (UHD) lens achieves 4.5mm focal length that has 0.3mm minimum focus distance. It features include true 4K optical quality to 2/3 inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras and 13 X zoom ratio.

This Fujinon UA13 is latest generation Servo drive unit that has been built to keep a wide range of remotely controlled zoom and focus. It also features 16 bit encoders that offers accurate two way communication either you use RS-232 serial data or the traditional analog communications. It weight is about 2.28 kg without the lens hood. This high contrast and high dynamic range lens also covers up to 59mm focal length.


The UA80 x 9 1.2 EXT high magnification zoom lens which realizes a focal length 864mm telephoto side by mounting a 1.2 times extender, the current products have received good response. Even with the use of 1.2 times extender, it has achieved resolution and high contrast of more than 4K throughout the entire zoom range, a high dynamic range. Video more than 4K becomes possible shooting up to the focal length of the telephoto 864mm, and more expansion is shooting a scene in the sports relay.