Big Green Egg Minimax – Cook On Your Selection

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 12:11pm by Alex Curran

The Big Green Egg MiniMax is a ceramic cooker based on a kamado, a traditional Japanese wood- or charcoal-fuelled stove, not unlike an Indian tandoor oven. The reason for the MiniMax name, though, is that this is the second smallest of the Big Green Egg range. The largest weighs in at a ridiculous 209kg and is big enough to roast a suckling pig, 20 racks of ribs or 40 burgers. The MiniMax comes with a built-in thermometer in the lid because much of your cooking is done with the lid down, for high temperatures and an enclosed cavity that retains moisture.


The plate setter we used adds versatility to the Little Green Egg you can cook indirectly, roast or bake on it. But it is frustrating that it is an optional extra when the cooker alone costs so much. After cooking we found that by shutting down all the vents, top and bottom, we could cut off air flow completely and extinguish the fire. The next day, the unused charcoal was still unused and ready to go again. Very fuel efficient.

if you are a foodie with a big budget. It is frankly hard to fault if money’s no object. It is only real downside is that it is too heavy to move. If you are a foodie on a lower budget we’d recommend looking at the Cobb Premier. If you simply want a good, techie barbecue consider the fan assisted Lotus Grill.

You light the charcoal as you would any other barbecue, leave the lid open for ten minutes as the fire catches, then close the lid and wait. The temperature dial tells you when you’re ready to rock and you can adjust the air vents at the top and near the bottom to adjust the heat.

Final Decision

Love the food from this foodie charcoal oven, but it is pricey.