5 Gift Ideas for Your Workaholic Friend

Posted on Sep 11 2020 - 4:10am by admin

Everyone has that one friend who’s always running late to lunch, who checks their email in line at their third coffee run of the day, and who compulsively updates their LinkedIn profile. Workaholics are, well, overworked. So what can you get the person who’s always on their “grind” for their birthday? Here are five easy ideas for your workaholic friends.

Workaholic Friend

1. A Coffee Club Subscription

Sure, you may not want to feed their addiction, but chances are, they’ll be drinking coffee whether you fund it or not. So why not introduce them to some interesting new blends from around the globe? Consider giving them a coffee club subscription to tantalize their tastebuds as they rush to work.

2. A Desk Organizer

Some people are too busy to organize their desks themselves — so by kickstarting a little Marie-Kondo-esque organization, maybe they’ll approach their desk with renewed inspiration.

3. A Guide to Bullet Journaling

Healthy habits are important for everyone, workaholic or not. Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method is the original guide for dedicated bujo-ers everywhere, and your workaholic friend might appreciate this daily way to track habits, moods, and deadlines.

4. A Yoga Mat

It’s all about the zen, man. Encourage your workaholic friend to chill out by gifting them a fun yoga mat. It will be up to them to head to a studio or start meditating, but sometimes a little push like that is all someone needs.

5. A Funny Book

Another way to de-stress, a good book can get your friend laughing while slowing down their pace of life a little bit. Consider Jenny Lawson’s guffaw-inducing Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or even Samantha Irby’s recent bestseller Wow, No Thank You.

Your workaholic friend will appreciate any of these useful, or funny, gifts. With a little ingenuity and thoughtfulness, you’re sure to find them the perfect gift — no excessive work needed.